In my opinion Endgame consisted purely of fan service, and the writing was sloppy. The movie was pretty linear and had a boring story line. The final fight scene was fun, but cheesy. I liked the movie simply because it was the last avengers movie, and that’s it.

It doesn’t deserve to be called on if the best movies of all time, because it wasn’t. Infinity War was much more interesting and was much more enjoyable to watch. All of Endgame just felt forced, whereas Infinity War is just fun to watch.

I rated Infinity War an 8/10 and I gave Endgame a 6.5/10 (where 5 is average). When I told my friends what they thought, about 8 of them yelled at me all in a group chat about how I “wasn’t a real marvel fan” even though I’ve seen all of the movies, most of them in theaters.

People glorify Endgame just because it’s the last avengers movie.