Lack of Social Interaction in Children

When I was younger I always noticed that as I was growing up, kids went outside less and less to play with one another. I always wondered if there would be any consequences of that and I think we are finally seeing it.

People don't know how to deal with common social problems that other generations simply adapted to and dealt with as kids. The things you figure out as a kid becomes second nature and we don't even think about it anymore. So to older generations, these problems seem petty because we learned how to handle them at a pretty young age.

To the more recent generation, a lot of real social interactions are simplified (or watered down) by tools that bypass certain difficulties of social interaction.

Just want to be clear, I'm not saying there are no real social issues. I just see people complain about petty things that should not be a big deal, unless you make them a big deal.
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