Are you that Person ?

You talk to everyone you meet. You wander around. You try to find out something common, interesting to keep the conversation going. You make some good impression.

You perhaps enjoy things you can still do. Perhaps playing guitar, video games maybe just cooking something nice for your wife. Trying to make her happy and not feel left alone. You don't have a high wage job, but it is something you love doing and in the end if makes life easier for someone else it's gratifying.

Then time to time comes certain people in your life. Perhaps to them you seem interesting. They get to know you at first. Soon as you know them better than before; you remain same being yourself but they suggest you to do something else. 

Find a better job. How boring your hobby is. 

The dreaded question "You don't go out much do you?" 
You ask "Why?" 
they reply "You talk too much like we are not that close." 

While them asking you every piece of advise imaginable for their relationship problems like you're some wise owl. They feel it's awkward for someone to be this open and easy to talk to.​

Is this fear? Is this different than what they are used to? Are you just a visitor and people expect you to get lost soon?

I feel some of us can relate. We are outsiders. We are strangers. We are that refreshing beverage that tastes so good yet gone too soon and after heavy consumption the "health" conscious might feel we are damaging. We have stirred something inside them that now they can 'think'. Nobody ever said thinking is an easy process. In some parts of the world you're not even allowed to think. So it's a new thing for them to 'think' again.

Might be the reason alone us strangers leave too soon.
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