India wins 368 medals at Special Olympics Summer Games

In one of the best sports performances in Indian history, Indian team of 284 athletes have clinched 368 medals at the prestigious Special Olympics World Summer Games held at Abu Dhabi between Mar 14 to 21.

Here's the mind-blowing overall medal tally:
  • Gold : 85
  • Silver : 154
  • Bronze : 129
And today I read about these champions of indomitable determination. They proved how, despite their hardships, special abilities and limited support, they made history. One must also applaud their parents and well wishers for truly believing in their children when the world generally looks down upon people with special needs & abilities.

Most of these women & men will soon return to their normal lives full of obstacles. I only hope that these men & women of passion get as much support and nurturing as possible from both the govt and the society. They made India proud. They deserve to be rewarded and rewarded well for bringing glory to the nation.

Their homecoming pictures are the best thing I've seen today.

These are the smiles that deserved extensive coverage in the media. They deserved interviews. Their stories deserved to be told. They had potential to inspire and change lives. 

But, alas, hardly did we even realize that such a feat was even accomplished in India.
India wins 368 medals at Special Olympics Summer Games India wins 368 medals at Special Olympics Summer Games Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on March 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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