Apple vs Spotify : Time to Play Fair

Spotify recently started a campaign called Time to Play Fair, accusing Apple of enforcing anti-competitive policies on their app store, including:
  • Charging a 30% fee to app developers for all in-app purchases
  • Not allowing app developers to show links in-app to purchases made outside of the app (for example, Spotify can't put a link in the app to the page on their website where users can purchase Premium without 30% of the payment going to Apple)
  • Not allowing app developers to even suggest to users that another way of paying for something is available, besides the in-app purchases.
  • Telling Spotify that a particular method of advertising Spotify Premium is perfectly fine, and then later pulling the app from the app store for doing it.
  • Frequently changing the wording on their rules so they can pull the Spotify app when they don't adhere strictly to the new wording.
This is all within the context of Apple trying to push its own competitor to Spotify, Apple Music. Spotify is accusing Apple of making it virtually impossible for Spotify to make their app available on the app store, so that users will use Apple Music instead.

Apple's response is basically denying that they're trying to choke out competition, and instead accusing Spotify of wanting to cheat the rules that everyone else has to follow (Note: Apple does not have to follow these rules).
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