My teacher taught me an amazing lesson years ago

When I was in middle school, I was bullied relentlessly, and had very low self-confidence. I walked around all day between classes with my head down, watching my shoes and the floor.

Mr Krishna saw me doing this in the hall one day, and stopped me. He asked me why I was looking downwards, and I had no real answer for him. He told me something to the effect of, “there’s nothing down there for you, and if you think that there is something there for you, there isn’t. You’re worth more than that.”

And few days ago, I found out through Facebook that he passed away after a battle with cancer. I told a friend two weeks ago that this was the best advice that I’d ever received. I know it isn’t much, but for me it changed my life for the better.

Mr Krishna, wherever you are now, you are not forgotten. I think about what you told me daily. You truly have made a massive difference in my life, and I thank you for it every day.

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