What's up with Cat Celebrities ?

I was listening to NPR yesterday when a program came on about people who take time out of their day to dress and groom their cats and then post pictures all over the internet to try and make a profit. As in, that is what they do for a job. They take their cats to pet groomers and then put hats on them. Then, in their spare time, they come on the radio and complain about how competitive the "Internet cat picture" business is.

Really? I can't even believe this useless shit is a path to income. I wish they would have come on and said "Yeah, the internet cat photography gig isn't really panning out...I guess it turns out that people prefer content that has actual value, go figure."

All this time I thought it was just people who love their pets and want to share fun videos and pictures of them. But no. It's weirdo cat moms and dads, unwashed and covered in fur talking baby talk to their pets, putting tiny hats on them while their poor animals attempt to lacerate them in defense of their dignity.

I don't know guys...I guess I just feel like the cat ship has sailed for me. Everything is just a festival for likes. Cats get likes. But not from me. I know too much now.
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