How Amazon manages traffic during Sale

Before starting any sale they make sure they fill their warehouses are all stuffed with the products that will go for sale.

Eagle View of typical fulfilment center during the sale
Amazon has a pretty large ware house with huge no. of employees . They arrange each item in their respective place so that once the order is placed they can immediately dispatch the product. Usually if you are a prime customer and your product is amazon fulfilled then your product will be dispatched within 2–3 hours post placing your order . If you are an non-prime customer you can expect it to be dispatched within 12 hours .

How do they manage huge traffic and offers ?

These are managed by the software , networking ,technical, sales , and most importantly the customer care team . These personnels are well specialised in their field who take care of the company 24*7.

And how can you forget their delivery team.

All this things are handled by the team from various departments who strive hard to give their customer a better shopping experience .

From the Great Indian Sale this year, Amazon is making an effort to provide more affordable goods, popular in smaller towns and villages.

Amazon recently launched a Hindi option on its portal, with plans to reach out to the next 100 million customers, who might be more comfortable with the language than with English.

Now, those going on Amazon will be able to find product information, deals, and discounts in Hindi as well as place orders, pay and manage their accounts in the language.
“This is the first Indian language (we are using)… it will help millions of customers who prefer Hindi. Now customers can do their Diwali shopping in Hindi,” Manish Tiwary, vice-president, category management, Amazon India, said.
Source: Business Standard
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