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One of the reason's that helped me start a blog 10 years back

11 Years ago,

The thought of writing myself a journal started from here...
"One day, I decided to look through some of my dad’s old belongings and I found a couple of journal from when he was in 8th to 10th grade. 
I showed them to him and he kept in doing that laugh-crying thing that you get when looking at nostalgic memories and he remembers that he stopped writing them because he thought that he would never read them when he was older but today he had wished so hard the he could be able to go back and write about himself more so he could remember himself. "
I decided to keep update about my life that I would reread at certain points. Earlier I used to pen it down on a diary, but later found, having a blog online is much more easy to maintain and access from anywhere. 

I hope this gave you some good memories or maybe inspired you to do the same. Thank you

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