Memories can be Beautiful & Painful

Sometimes a memory gets triggered. It may be a song that comes on the radio, a video on YouTube, a commercial on TV, or pretty much anything. Memories can be a beautiful thing and at the same time a very painful thing. When it's a positive memory you should embrace it. Try to experience it again. Let it flow, if you get goose bumps, or tears start to run down your face, you should focus on it. Your memories can't be taken away from you. 

Unfortunately at the same time your memories can be very painful. It is a lot easier said than done, but when the pain comes try to push it away and remember that you are here now, you survived the situation. Be proud that you are here now. Know that you are a lot stronger than you think you are. Replace that pain with positivity. Let me say this again, I know that it can feel very difficult or impossible to push away the pain, but you can do it, have faith in yourself.

Appreciate the fact that your memories of the past are just that, the past. You can remember them for the joy you had, or the fact that you made it through. You can't live in the past, you can only live in the present, here and now.

We all have a future ahead of us. We can be looking forward to a specific situation such as a vacation, a date, or some type of celebration. I'm very guilty myself of being impatient and solely focused on an upcoming event, counting every second. As of late I've finally learned that obsessing over it will not make time move faster. You are not going anywhere and good things come to those who wait.

Then, there's the unknown. We worry about if and when something is going to happen, and how we'll deal when the time comes.

One of the most inspirational lines I've ever heard was. "Don't worry about the future, cause sooner or later it's the past." It pretty much speaks for itself.

To sum things up. You can overcome anything. Smile when you remember something positive. Smile when you remember something negative, cause you beat it, you are here now and that's something to be proud of.
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