IMDB is highly biased

I often find myself looking for new shows or movies to watch and always end up on IMDb so I can check on ratings and reviews as well, but I've often found that they keep listing the same old boring shows/movies or highly hollywoody overrated ones And it used to make me think ' oh okay there aren't good movies or shows out there anymore, have watched all of the good ones already ' .

Only as of lately I've found shows that I guess are what people call obscure like 'the looming tower' 'the son' 'The Dark Tower ' and some German Cold War espionage show thrillers that are just exceptional and high rated.

And when I search them on IMDb and they pop up its like they're saying ' oh yeah we also have these, just forgot to mention them. Oops our bad". I then get really frustrated, this is a 8. something rated show that came out in 2015 why the hell didn't you list it???

It's like the game is rigged or something. The best shows I've watched as of lately were found here on twitter, and just completely out of the blue, I wasn't even looking for it. Someone just happened to mention them.

Has anyone had this experience as well?

IMDB is highly biased IMDB is highly biased Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 26, 2018 Rating: 5

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