Emotions Energize Your Thoughts

It's amazing how the most insignificant things can bring about the most powerful changes to a person's life.

The fact that someone's entire world could change at an instant because a computer decided to put them with other people completely randomly. With the entirety of life based on chance it's hard to trust that everything will work out because people change and so does everything else, looking ahead makes for an interesting time of speculation but without that time there's no planning allowed there's no time to sit and think about how i am as a person or how anyone is.

Life, as we know it right now, is so fast paced that no one ever has time to stop and think. The only thinking they get is moments where their mind scutters off and they can only think about one thing. Whether it be religion, a person, or what they are gonna eat for dinner. Some people get caught up on little details of life like what people around them think or what they are wearing, but most people can never see past the big picture with the details being lost to them. The sweet intricacy of life can not be enjoyed by those people. They will never be able to understand the small little almost insignificant details of being alive.

The problem with this worldview of savoring every detail leads to the intense feeling of loss. While someone who has the big picture view might experience loss, rejection, or embarrassment they can always move past as they look at the whole scope of their world and realize that life keeps on moving and they must move with it lest they get left behind by the ever accelerating speed that life moves. When one has the detail oriented worldview it's like having a rusty link on a chain, the fibers of their own mental being is disrupted by this one overbearing feeling and it takes something strong and real to fix that link.

Life passes these people by as they dwell in the pit of their own sadness, they feel as if they can never overcome the feeling that has been thrust on them so rapidly and forcefully. There is however a forgotten few, those who can enjoy the sweetness of life, the green on the grass and trees, the beauty of a summers day glistening in the sunlight, the feeling of loss. These lucky few know that happiness can't exist without sadness, that no matter what happens life goes on. That they must not dwell in their pit of despair but revel in it. These are the few and some aspire to be, and that most think they are until something tragic happens. These are the ones who truly know the key to happiness. They know that in order to reach the point of true happiness and being content with themselves and their own life that they must be sad. This is the only way to reach the top, for the top is not having the most resources monetary or otherwise, but that the top is being content with one has and realizing that no good comes without bad.

Nothing in this life we live in is permanent and bound to ourselves except the feeling of being perfectly content with where we are in our lives. This is not a point of no return however, everyone who has and ever will reach this point will falter. The defining characteristic is being able to pull yourself from that dark place within yourself, the dark place that says your life is over because someone is gone or you missed a connection. This separates those who feel with purpose from those who feel without or don't feel at all. The success of your life is not determined by your monetary gains or social power, it is determined by the power and scope in which you feel day to day life.
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