I believe Organ Donation should be mandatory and not opt-out/in

In my perspective after death we no longer exist and thus can't own our body or organs anymore. Therefore we should have no say in what parts are used to save lives.

I believe that a person stops existing after death. What you wanted while you were alive should not matter at all when the body can be used to potentially save lives. I also don't believe family or friends should have any say. 

Their views hold more value as they are alive, but ultimately it's not their organs, and the organs can do a whole lot more good by helping someone else.

I have lost close family in the past, and I definitely understand the will to keep your loved ones "intact" in a way. 

But at the same time the options are either 

A: perfectly fine organs go to waste cremated or buried during a shortage or 
B: those same organs can potentially save lives and make many, many people happy.

When these are the options it seems clear that feelings should be ignored and the family can bury whatever isn't useful.