Samsung has been already been testing its 5G network with major carriers in multiple countries.

By taking another step towards 5G, Today the company has provided a sneak peek to the future of 5G communication networks in our daily life through its newly developed '5G City'. Samsung has established a '5G City' to demonstrate the daily use of 5G and how it'll work, where things will be connected throughout the world with a 5G communication network.

5G Stadium: Ready to experience the next-gen stadium? in this 5G enabled stadium Using a massive Using a massive MIMO which will enable a large number of spectators to simultaneously stream high-definition videos at the stadium.

5G Connectivity Node: is a set of 5G network equipment that connects numerous device and sensors through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee to monitor traffic, measure temperature, humidity, and movements.

Samsung Electronics also hosts an exhibition on global 5G commercialization at the 'Network Lounge' in Suwon Digital City.