I love Games but hate the Community

Gamers have devolved into a mess of bickering over the stupidest stuff. I remember back then you could just buy a game, have a discussion and have fun. Nowadays everything is about this ultra geeky shit, how many frames per second can this shit push? Is it 4K? Will it open up an inter-dimensional portal to the past so I can to back to a better time and not live this current miserable life I live?

I mean it's all good, I get that people want the best experience but when the talk of how many polygons this game can push and all this technical shit outweighs the fun and discussion of the games you play themselves, then you get into a boring stuffy ass territory or nothing but hubris and justification of the game you bought.

I don't care how weak it is I just want to play some games. I rather be playing Super Mario Odyssey than the new ultra realistic boring as shooter, or worrying about which gpu and cpu gives me the best experiences in League (which is a fun game) all the time.

Screw all that trash, can we please get back to the games?
I love Games but hate the Community I love Games but hate the Community Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on June 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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