Olympics 2020 to be fully powered by renewable energy

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee is aiming to fully power the games with renewable energy, under a plan to help foster a more sustainable society through the quadrennial events.

All electricity used at all venues will be derived entirely from renewable energy sources, in order to promote decarbonization. The committee also plans to use rental and lease services so that 99 percent of the goods procured for the games will be reused or recycled.

The renewable energy target will also apply to the athletes’ village, the international broadcasting center and the main press center. A committee official described the attempt as “unprecedented.”

The committee aims to achieve the target by buying renewable energy from power companies and installing solar panels. Under the committee’s plan, rented and leased items will be used as much as possible. When purchases are necessary, the committee will draw up measures beforehand to secure recipients of the items after their use at the games. The 99 percent recycling and reuse target matches the goal set for the 2012 London Games. Exempted from the Tokyo target will be doping test kits and some other items.

For waste such as plastic bottles and food generated at the venues, the recycling and reuse target is set at 65 percent, against the 62 percent goal at the London Games.

The committee is considering another project involving citizens, in addition to an ongoing initiative to create games medals out of metals collected from used mobile phones and other equipment.

It will also promote sustainability among the public.
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