Twisted Truth - Fragmented Concentration

In urban sociology, fragmentation refers to the absence or the underdevelopment of connections between the society and the groupings of some members of that society on the lines of a common culture, nationality, race, language, occupation, religion, income level, or other common interests.

Most people don’t understand that internet is the greatest tool. You can pull up any information, knowledge and any tool that can help you. You can learn, you can read, you can get business ideas and all possible knowledge and inspiration from the greatest of them all. But instead of using this tool to learn and become great, people have chosen to numb and dumb themselves.
It's called the "slot machine syndrome" that's what makes the gambler stay in front of the machine. Because with small wins amounts, keep the hope of winning alive. Also, the brain experience a spike of dopemine, when the rewards is given....
After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg going to Washington to speak with members of Congress, I felt that this video was timely. I think social media can be good but we must be careful with how we use it.

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