Stupid YouTube Tutorials

I understand you mean well and you want to help people. But holy fudge, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO GET TO THE POINT? No matter what you want a tutorial on, you're gonna get loads of time wasted explaining stupid stuff you already know WE READ THE TITLE WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING - for example 'how to flush toilet'  instead of the video being 15 seconds long and showing them flushing the toilet and explaining how it is done eg: 'just push this button on the toilet' the video is more of :

'Hi guys superflusher1997 here and today I've decided to make a tutorial on flushing the toilet- so uh, if you see here, you have my toilet, it's good quality, you can buy it from this shop, link in description, not sponsored, yeah. So uh, you should be in your bathroom, with the toilet, yeah? And uh , if you see this button here, what you actually wanna do here, is push it, so yeah, use a finger, and uhm, push it. yeah. so thanks for watching guys, don't forget to subscribe, bye guys'.

Here is some annoying stuff they always do:

  • annoyingly long intros that take centuries to complete from their boring, droning voice that's a lot less interesting than they think it is
  • go on annoyingly long personal anecdotes nobody could care less about, get to the effin point
  • promote their channel as if anyone wants to stay, we're here for the tutorial, if you were somewhat interesting maybe we would stay, don't need you to tell us

So yeah, hate YouTube tutorials. They think they're a lot more interesting than they think they are and talk about useless stuff too much.

Maybe it's just because I'm already annoyed I can't do something by the time I'm watching one, but YouTube tutorials just really piss me off.