Red Hat Summit 2018

Red Hat Inc. went to great lengths on Tuesday to deliver a message of partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world, specifically IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. 

The theme on Wednesday was more customer-focused with a direct message for the tech community at large: Open-source software is growing up and it is beginning to have big impact on major companies worldwide.

Troyer was joined at the conference by co-host John Furrier, and they discussed key messages from Wednesday’s customer presentations, Red Hat’s corporate philosophy and the impact of open source on enterprise transformation.

With the Wednesday morning keynote presentations devoted principally to customer use cases, attendees were presented with ample evidence that Red Hat’s tools for powering hybrid cloud adoption and containerized applications are scaling up quickly.

UPS has been using Red Hat’s OpenShift platform to migrate containerized workloads to the cloud and provide its operators with accurate data from disparate sources.

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