Google News is getting an overhaul and customized news feeds

Google is giving Google News a refresh that brings all its news products into one experience, the company announced at its annual developer conference.

The new Google News experience begins with a “For You” section that has a briefing of five top stories Google has pulled for you. This is a mix of global headlines, local news, and new developments on stories you’ve been following. You can then switch over to Headlines to see top stories from around the world. Additional sections here let you dive into different topics like sports, business, or technology.

There’s a new visual format called newscasts, which uses natural language understanding to give you a collection of articles, videos, and quotes on a single topic. This lets you get the basics by browsing different sources so you can decide if you want to look further into a story.

If you want to get deep into a particular topic, Google News’ “Full Coverage” feature lets you see how a story is being reported from a variety of places and in multiple formats, like social commentary, local news sources, and top publishers. Google News will gather how stories are being talked about and published in real time and aggregate them in one place. For example, if you want to look more deeply at the Puerto Rico power outage, Google News will present you with the topic headline, then show you a timeline beneath with key moments and developments. Toward the bottom, there are frequently asked questions about the story, tweets from relevant sources, and fact-checks.

While the topic of fake news wasn’t specifically addressed, the fact-check section is an aware nod to the issue and Google has been making efforts to combat this problem through its Google News Initiative.
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