Social Media has become Politically Extreme

Politics is just about a part of every platform nowadays. I mean every platform. It has even found its way into sports, which I thought was darn near impossible to do.

You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Here we go… Another 20-something-year-old hotshot writing about a country he barely knows.”

You’re wrong.

I want to inform you of how the social media landscape has changed because of how fiery the political world has become. So, don’t stop reading now; regardless of your feelings towards today’s current political agenda, the media’s agenda towards politics, PM Narendra Modi, or any other political revenue.

There's an increasing amount of prejudice of "the other side", that anyone to the left or right of you is an extremist and a mortal enemy who cannot be debated constructively unless they give up their political views.

This inability to debate rationally with someone on the other side of the aisle, without insults or even threats of violence, I think is is what is harming democracy the most. Both sides seem to have this war-like mentality, where negotiation is over and the only option is to fight for their team.

I also think the political sphere is becoming increasingly hostile to moderates. I personally consider myself center, I'm pro-development, equal right & wages, universal healthcare, legalization of some recreational drugs, and tackling blatant racism and sexism where it exists. But I increasingly feel alienated from those further to the left because I realist I strongly disagree with some of their views, as much as I strongly disagree with those on the right.

If I voice my disagreement I get the impression they think I'm some kind of right wing shill in there to disrupt their consensus, and the right think I'm a left wing extremist. Nobody is your political friend, and there's a lot of pressure sometimes to "pick a side".

But, social media is unavoidable. Every person can be reached at any time of the day. Everyone can see your message. Everyone chooses who they want to follow. Everyone chooses the social voice they want to hear.

Politicians have always been clever, but social media has changed the rules. Instead of everyone listening to the whole story, we are stuck listening to one-sided messages that make our individual biases grow.
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