Smartphones are great Supplement for PC’s, not Replacements

Am I the only one tiring of how increasingly people seem to think they no longer need a computer because "my phone is enough." No it is NOT.

Try typing a decent spreadsheet on a PC (and anytime you crunch numbers, it's much better doing so on a spreadsheet vs a pen-paper and calculator). Try typing a resume, filling out a job application. Try managing a large photo collection, storing files on a hard drive. And good grief, why would you want to look at a photo on a 5" screen if you can look at them on a 22 or 24 inch one?

I make this observation because of more & more people whose homes I visit not having any computer in sight anywhere, and from people who come into my place of work asking if we're hiring and when I say we are they ask for a paper application. When I tell them it's done online, they act like it's the biggest travesty. I tell them it's not hard to do any computer can handle it they say "I don't have one," when I tell them to borrow one from someone and go to a WiFi hot-spot they say "none of my friends have one," when I say "go to a library and use theirs" they say "I don't know how to use one."

Well you know what? LEARN how to use one. It's the 21st century. Why should a company have to deal with PAPER nonsense when a computer makes it easier?

It blows my mind, I don't understand it. I see a smartphone as a great SUPPLEMENT for a PC for when you're not at home, not a total replacement of one.

At home, using a PC is vastly better. For one, I'm typing this post on a PC, sure I could type it on a phone but it's SO much better having a 22" screen, keyboard and mouse, I can type it MUCH faster. (This whole posting took me 5 minutes, it would take me at least 15 on a phone and be much more of a "peeping through a keyhole" experience.)

It just blows my mind, people acting like computers don't matter and aren't needed. Nonsense.