Holding Facebook Accountable

It’s been a tough year for Facebook. The social networking juggernaut found itself engulfed by controversies over fake news, electoral interference, privacy violations, and a broad backlash to smartphone addiction.
In an Interview Speaking to the news site Vox Zuckerberg maintained that one of Facebook’s problems was that it was “idealistic,” focusing on the positive aspects of connecting people and that “we didn’t spend enough time investing in, or thinking through, some of the downside uses of the tools.” “I think now people are appropriately focused on some of the risks and downsides as well,” he said.
The statement that Zuckerburg is making is to solve 1 problem: the loss of shareholders.

Facebook is a business and their money comes from collecting and selling information. It is in Zuck’s best interest to keep to general public ill-informed of Facebook’s insider work, because more people using Facebook = more money for him, and more good light on Facebook = more users on the site.

But there is no way a social media site that large intends to “fix it’s problems” when the problems are the key activities generating money for the company.

I think we had better times in leaning up against corporations taking influence, despite the uproar against this story, the uproar for safe harbor, etc. It's becomingly increasingly easier to collect and analyze data, and similarly, the fight is gonna get harder.
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