Depression is a Disease

Depression is a disease that should be taken seriously, no doubt. A quick way to shut a criticizer of drug-users up is to bring up the fact that they are depressed. This is where I'm going to sound stone-cold: Turning to drugs to treat depression shows a lack of resourcefulness, critical thinking and self-control. Yes, I'm aware that we get impaired when depressed. I have gone through shit myself, but never thought of reaching to any substance to comfort myself.

Why? Because I think clearly.

As humans (or animals for that sake), we are SUPPOSED to reject any bad personality traits. Any characteristics that go against good results for our species are meant for us to want to eradicate. This is why the most successful people aren't just lucky bastards, they also tend to be interested in personal growth, keep healthy diets, exercise, complete goals for the future, fix their looks in order to get a partner, etc. Not only did they grow up in lucky circumstances, but also reflect upon the importance of these healthy traits. If they never reflected upon it, they would seek out instant gratification too. I'm talking about natural selection here. 

We can obviously see that a lack of clear thinking does great damage to humans and bring out tons of unhealthy traits. The unhealthy traits in people who start doing drugs without a bad background/depressed include: Need for instant gratification, lack of critical thinking, lack of regard for oneself, irrational, unresourceful.

Drug users are humans who simply just lack the correct judgement to make the right decisions.
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