AIB has been an Utter trash off late

AIB used to be a pinnacle of social commentary and pushed the boundaries of political comedy in India. Before AIB very few did what they were doing and they've made commendable progress for themselves and the Indian comedy scene alike.

A whole generation of comedians and channels were inspired to pursue comedy as it became a lot more mainstream in India. I respected AIB for their edgy, self-aware comedy with a social message, but now it's become a hot pile of garbage. The generation they inspired has gone far ahead and left AIB back to bite the dust. Their generic formatted videos with increased political correctness and what can only be described as a drought of comedy has really taken them off the edge and has placed them in the back seat. A lot of this can be attributed to the attention they received after the roast and the toxic political climate with comedians being burnt at the stake for insulting our beloved number one best PM saab Sri Narendra Modi Ji but I really miss their abrasive and impactful style of comedy while managing to remain an absolute treat for one's dopamine levels.

Tip-toeing their way around controversies while conforming to advertisers and political pressure, and just making really bland and un-funny videos by incorporating dead/normie memes significantly dented my respect for them.

I sincerely hope AIB takes a look at themselves and goes back to its roots before it strays too far away from home and I hope more people share this sentiment before it's too late.