The tale of Unhappiness

Happiness has always been overrated; why not try knowing about unhappiness today; inspired from few who choose to live unhappily and are yet happy. The definition of happiness is what I don’t quite understand.

Driving through the highway of happiness— found nothing more than a sinister glare. I fell into the predicament of the choices made; the path had nothing new to offer than the known. I went berserk with what I knew will always show up. Surprises vanished; the path always had what I anticipated for.

This followed with introspection— am I driving the right highway? Can’t the path be anymore monotone? There was nothing more to look forward to. Awww!! What a dreadful thought. Never realised happiness could mean this.

On one side of the mundane happiness— we fight, we mutilate, we incinerate and on the other we look for more of it. The struggle to be happy drives us more to be unhappy. This questions our understanding of being happy and drives me to do the undone. Someone wise once said— ‘to leave the good that I had in hand, In hope of better that was uncouth’.

The worlds we create out of our own imagination take a new toll while looking through the uncouth. Here what we see is what we never have and that’s where the journey begins.

The promises we make, the ideas we behold fades with time. There is nothing to anticipate, and what comes the way is what you live for. The mystery is endless and the path has nothing more than what lies at the moment. It seems you become the Maya to play with the Maya.

Hold on!! That’s not it. Life has much more than what meets the eyes.

Why not choose to be unhappy for once, and begin our journey, all the trouble might take a different turn. You never know.
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