The system was never designed for us

Have you ever wondered, who succeeds in this world and why is it that every time you get close to success there is a myriad of people to pull you down? 

The truth is that this world, this construct was never designed for you to succeed, never designed for you the thrive, never designed for you to enjoy the comforts of the central habitat. The evidence is all around you, the roads, the schools, the restaurants, Entertainments and homes. 

These things designed for you and by you to manage you. We fool ourselves into thinking that our future is secure but in reality we are facing an ever present struggle to ensure that what we have is preserved and that we are always on the frontier of advancement. 

Once upon a time we were taught that we made the future but now we are taught that it is already made and that it has to be prepared for you. Well for now the lights stay on, the water gets warmed and the Ice flows but who owns that? who owns your future?
The system was never designed for us The system was never designed for us Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on March 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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