Inspire people to change the world

A few years ago I started to want not only to earn money, but also something more. I started to want make our world better or different. This is my main and sole work. And I think that changing the world it's not only what Elon Musk does, or Steve Jobs did. I respect them a lot but it's not enough. I suppose that their work is just a small part of what should be done. 

People's behavior, their vulnerability, their respect and fear for the government, laws, rules, society. It remains. World remains the same, people remain the same, with technologies or without, it doesn't matter. It remains the same.

I think if we want to make our world how we want, we should help people to become geniuses. Controversial geniuses with passion and ambitious, with different ideas, approaches and vision.

I don't wanna be good, smart guy with normal life, I wanna be genius! I want to be non-typical man with own, different vision. I wanna be somebody who hasn't existed yet.

In my opinion Everybody should be genius, because now we are the same and it's not cool. We are controlled by instincts, sex instincts, the brute and it's not fun, it's not a liberty.

I think that I should inspire people to making our world a better place not only for us, but also for future generations. Like geniuses from the past did for us. Or maybe I have to try to disrupt people's faith, their belief that rules are veritable and unshakeable, make them doubt about everything.

So the question for you. Do you wanna inspire people?
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