Where do I find like minded people ?

It makes me feel really alone when I don't have people in my conversational life that think like me. I mean it doesn't have to be exact, I like logical debate. I am tired of talking to myself. I am also tired of the small talk. Are we afraid of offending one another? Or are we just afraid someone won't like us?

Do you just start talking about what psychology article you just read? This is the type of stuff I find interesting, and it seems there aren't that many people that care. Am I just surrounded by dumb people? I don't give a shit about TV drama. I like educational conversation, I want to evolve this brain of mine. This makes me want to pick up and say peace out to everyone.

I just feel out of place in life. Trying to 'fill the void' as Joey Diaz said.
I am not balanced and I don't like it. I want a special someone in life that I just click with like no other. I don't care if it is a male or a female. 
Maybe the Army lifestyle got me used to being in this mentality all the time. Thanks for listening to me.
Where do I find like minded people ? Where do I find like minded people ? Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on February 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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