What is the mystery sorrounding Hackers Canyon ?

Hacker Canyon
The closest thing to a legitimate 'unsolved mystery' I have ever found. This website has been live on the Internet for over 10 years, there are thousands of pages with some really strange content, and despite the pure size of it all, the e-mail addresses on the website are still being replied to after all this time.

I have no idea what is going on with that website, but there is no documentation on it. No Wikipedia article, no big forum discussion, absolutely nothing. I have tried to discuss this topic on twitter multiple times in an attempt to pique someone's interest enough to help work it out, to finally solve it all, but I've never been able to get anyone interested. I'm 24 now and I've spent the majority of my life on the Internet and there is absolutely nothing I've seen that has baffled me more than that site.

Here's an archived post I found about it on 4chan a while back if anyone is curious.

The website is discussed so little this link is one of the top 5 google results..

Website: http://www.hackerscanyon.com/
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