Movie Review : Black Panther 2018

Viewers are meant to feel much like Agent Ross, a guest in Wakanda allowed to bear witness to a truly epic story, one unlike any in the Marvel Universe. The regnal family drama of Thor, sure, but one with a more earthen setting, and far more human.

Like Thor, T’Challa must confront the sins of his father and, while Erik meets the same end as his own father did—dead by the Black Panther—T’Challa’s story ends with him opting for his own path as a ruler. The world of Wakanda feels alive, vibrant, lush, high tech but simultaneously lived-in, like there are eons of Wakandan stories waiting to be told.

Which brings me to the political angle of this film. While Ragnarok had a light touch of a pro-refugee message, the core conflict of this film is what Wakanda is and who Wakandans are. Wakanda is a nation torn between the millennia of successful isolationism and the desire to use their knowledge and technology to help others at the risk of diluting that which they hold dear and drawing Wakanda into the world’s problems. And T’Challa’s journey on that question is a well thought out one, especially in how he reckons how that philosophy led his father to cut off the very person who would turn out to be Wakanda’s greatest threat.

And Killmonger was a great villain. Sympathetic, with goals that, considering where he came from made total sense. Why should Wakanda hog all the cool shit while black people are being gunned down in Oakland? He wanted the throne as means to a revolution.

All in all I have to say it was definitely one of the MCU's best.

The following video highlights small details you the movie. Enjoy!

Movie Review : Black Panther 2018 Movie Review : Black Panther 2018 Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on February 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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