Leverage open source CRM to increase business

Often CRM is looked upon as a viable tool for larger businesses and enterprises while SME’s and Start-ups often view it as a considerable investment.

Open source CRM is a financially and technically viable solution compared to ERP for start-ups and small enterprises. While ERP assists with maintaining essential business data and records, CRM can help in vital data management, analysis and predictive insights into key business areas like marketing, customer engagement, sales, vendor relationships, employees and talent management and training, thus contributing to the overall business growth. 

Advantages of using Open Source Software:

Open source CRM is a good solution for SMEs and start up’s to achieve business success at reduced expenses. With availability of the source codes and absence of a license fee, the open source CRM is virtually free and requires a minimal investment into hardware, customization and integration.

Despite being developed by community, the open source CRM software in recent years boasts of a rigorous inspection and quality assurance process. Nearly all new releases and stable versions are exposed to a battery of tests for software quality before being launched.

Integration & Customization:
With the availability of a source code, open source CRM enables organizations to develop customized characteristics and integrate them into their applications. Further, integration with other open source software and tools is also facilitated so as to create an impactful technological framework that can drive business.

With simple license management without expiry date, a dedicated support community platform and discussion forums to share constant updates and identify and resolve software glitches and bugs, open source CRM offers simple user experience. Additionally, with free access to source codes, updated versions and easy customization/ integration options further add to the convenience of open source CRM.

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