Makar sankranti & Happy Lohri

Makar Sakranti is also known as KHICHADI (Indian dish made from rice and lentils) Sakranti because on this day the injunction to eat Khichadi , is generally observed by people. Seasonal crops become available. Ghee, and spices are used for making tasty nourishing Khichadi. Winter loosens its grip on shiver producing cold, admitting springtime that brings with it the chance for all round health improvement.

Also called- Til Sakranti

In addition to Khichadi, great importance is attached to the use of TIL (Sesame seeds) during Makar Sakranti. Therefore, this Sakranti is also called TIL Sankranti. People make Laddoos (round balls) from Til. Til oil is used for massaging.

It is said that Til emanates from Vishnu’s body and that the above described usage wash away all kinds of sins. Sakranti period is held to be very auspicious and any good deeds during this time will produce merits. Gifts of clothing, blankets etc., on this day are productive of merits in both this life and in the next life…
Meethe gur mein mil gaye til,
Udi patang aur khil gaye dil,
Har pal sukh aur har din shaanti,
Aap sab ke liye laaye
Makar Sankranti & Happy Lohri
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