Amazon Chime Offers cheaper alternative to Meetings & Conferences

Amazon Chime is a secure, real-time, unified communications service that transforms meetings by making them more efficient and easier to conduct. The service delivers high-quality audio and video through an application that is easy to use and stays in sync across all devices.

What I like best?

Its price, it's much cheaper than other options I've used with basically the same functionality. You can screen share, schedule in outlook, share a link for people to join, everything you can do with other meeting programs for a fraction of the cost.

What I dislike?

My only dislike is the inability to unmute the group. You can mute everyone to avoid background noise, echo, the usual headaches of a web conference, but there's not a single button to also unmute everyone, so everyone needs to unmute themselves on their own (which you can disable if you want as well). It's just one more step for everyone and it'd be much easier to be able to do this all at once.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Give it a shot, it's got a free trial and they don't even LET you pay until you've done a free trial. It's worth seeing if it fits your needs.

Amazon Chime enables us to get all of our colleagues together at the same time to chat, talk, and see the same thing to get everyone on the same page at the same time. It saves time from emails, etc. when we're able to show everyone what we need to at once and get immediate feedback as to whether/not everyone understands and is on the same page.

Being able to screen share and show them as well makes it much easier to get things done.

Amazon Chime is available for download from here.

Amazon Chime Offers cheaper alternative to Meetings & Conferences Amazon Chime Offers cheaper alternative to Meetings & Conferences Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on January 24, 2018 Rating: 5

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