Movie Review: Bright [Spoilers]

I was looking forward to the movie and I'm happy that it exceeded my expectations. Not a masterpiece, and definitely not Ayer's best overall, but I think as a stand alone movie it was a solid piece of entertainment and as a starting point for a Netflix franchise either as a set of films or a TV show it was fantastic.

The beginning credits going over all that graffiti was really cool, it helped to make the world seem lived in and real without just a narration saying "Two thousand years ago..."

This is my favourite Will Smith performance in a long time, he's a brilliant actor no doubt but he definitely plays "Will Smith as Will Smith" instead of "Will Smith as x/y/z" a lot, this time around he's playing a straight up arsehole and he takes that concept and runs with it. No shitty jokes at stupid times, he's dead serious when he needs to be, but their is a bit of levity when things slow down.

The visuals were on point, the special effects and choreography were great. But there was a lot of weird pacing/jumping around when it came to storytelling. Like, significant moments needed a bit more time to breathe, and they didn't get it. And that stopped me from fully investing in the characters.

Everything about Orcs was brilliant, their makeup was brilliant, they all looked unique in their own way and all the Orcs actors were great. Be Yorcself.

Because the pacing was so rushed and compressed, I found the fantastic visuals/choreography did a lot of the heavy lifting of keeping my attention that the story should have done, and could have done if it had been given a little more time to breathe. It's like there was always a deadline around the corner.

By the way, there's been a lot of time where critics have changed their reviews to fit the audience because there's been a huge disconnect like fight club. I don't Bright is really that much of a changer however I think it does provide a perspective on modern critic reviews and audiences. And this down the road, might be regarded as a bit of a cult or special movie that most didn't agree with.
Overall, I recommend this film, it's solid, very watchable if you just watching a lot of action movies whatever from modern action or fantasy. It's a nice premise to have while you have a lot of films and TV shows about modern military premises with very little change between them all.

Watch Bright Online here. [720p] | Let me know in the comments what you liked about this movie. 
Movie Review: Bright [Spoilers] Movie Review: Bright [Spoilers] Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on December 23, 2017 Rating: 5

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