Feeling too Empathetic for Internet Strangers

Sometimes I come across people online at random where i feel very empathetic for. It can be a sob story from someone, or just a cry for help or attention, or people willing to help others. 

Most of the times these people are in their 40's or older and have a way of typing where you just know their age by seeing it. Their way of typing has a certain endearing thing to it while you are fully aware they are probably much older then you and have a lot more life experience under their belt. They are most likely new on the internet, don't really 'get' things of our online world as you would assume of most online people roaming around the internet. The first time I encountered such a thing was a youtube comment underneath a Twitty Conway song. It was from a guy saying he had good memories of this song because he and his grandma used to dance to it, she passed away but he still loved her and reminisced by listening to the song. It made me tear up a little. You really never know how much something you write can impact a total stranger like that.

I came across one of these people again recently on steam, he left a review under a game stating he had cancer and was playing the game for 9 hours a day because he had a lot of free time. He was willing to help other people with the game so the developer could focus on developing and even posted his personal email saying he would answer any mail that would come through. He built this whole world in this game, i looked through his screenshots and guides he made for it. I don't know what it is but somehow it was really touching to me. It really made me ponder if I should friend this guy and buy the game to play with him and brighten him up or something or accompany him in his journey to help people play the game. But that might be too much, what if i would do that for every person i came across. I do believe it would be a good thing to do, and I don't believe I would do it just to feel better about myself or boast about it (Yet I'm writing this post I can hear you think.). But I can't let go of the thought. 

You make a thousand decisions a day but this simple one i can't figure out. It's just that I feel so empathetic to his situation, but then again his life would just go on if I wouldn't do anything, and maybe he doesn't need any charity from me and has a pretty good life and social contacts outside his situation. Guess i just needed to get this off my chest how weird it may sound.
Feeling too Empathetic for Internet Strangers Feeling too Empathetic for Internet Strangers Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on December 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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