Mozilla Competes over Chrome with Firefox Quantum (beta)

At least that's what some benchmarks are showing.

After announcing plans for Project Quantum late last year, Mozilla has now launched its overhauled Firefox in beta stage, making it an increasingly imminent challenge to Chrome. And it's a very feasible challenge too, given the browser's improvements. Mozilla says Quantum is roughly twice as fast as Firefox was a year ago. This is largely due to a new CSS engine written in Mozilla's programming language, Rust, which operates across cores rather than as a single memory-hungry process on one core.


Menus and tabs have been redesigned, while a new "library" button pulls together bookmarks, downloads and history into one place. Overall, it's got a more minimalist look, which will work well on high-DPI displays, but die-hard fans of the original style can still switch back to old familiar via preferences..It also priorities tabs, loading up in-use tabs before background ones, which Mozilla says makes Quantum 30 percent more RAM-efficient than Chrome.

I'm a Mozilla user of old. That doesn't mean I'm a die hard, but when I heard that Firefox Quantum was going to be a significant improvement over previous iterations I was interested. I'm running it now, and yes it's noticeably faster. Absolutely Brilliant!

Firefox Quantum is set to launch on Launches November 14, 2017.

Mozilla Competes over Chrome with Firefox Quantum (beta) Mozilla Competes over Chrome with Firefox Quantum (beta) Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on November 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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