How blockchain can mobilize a community to provide Internet for each other and create a new sharing economy.The core principle is simple: Members of a community own the means for delivering Internet to each other.

It can be summed up in four points:
  • Users own all the wireless hardware necessary to form a large network
  • Management of the entire system occurs on a public blockchain
  • All users seamlessly transact with each other on the blockchain directly, meaning the network can function without any company
  • Wholesale Internet prices are brought to the consumer.
Someone with a well-placed corner apartment can invest $100 on hardware and end up paying $0 per month on an Internet bill because of the offset from providing Internet to others.

More for the Local Economy In the examples just mentioned we pay each other for sharing out Internet.

In this model, the infrastructure to deliver Internet to your neighbor is owned by the community.

This article was made possible with Inputs from Hackernoon. You can read more about this technology from Equinix[blog].