A need to revamp our Education System

With the world becoming even more globalized and centralized mainly around the Internet, I feel that there should be additional focus on topics such as Coding and Public Speaking (arguably 2 of the most desired skills in today's working world).

Also, with many people becoming victims of reading fake news stories and articles, there should be a larger focus on activities and courses that enable critical thinking. You can already see such initiatives being implemented in Finland (which arguably has the best education system).

I believe that when a government is planning a budget, education should be the first department to receive a large allocation, followed by other necessities like defense spending. Because it seems like many major countries have been deviating away from spending on public schools and universities and they have just been focusing on education mainly as a means to get more voters (as per my knowledge, I haven't heard a single statement from any leader in recent major elections about education reform).

I believe that only a few countries such as Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, the Netherlands are some of a very small list of countries which have focused on integrating education with the modern times and have had young universities which have made tremendous strides in latest years.
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