Social Media is bad for Mental Health

Almost everyone you know has a social media account of some sort, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. It seems that every year the population using these social media sites is increasing to a younger age group. 

Studies have shown that a large percent of the population of teens and pre-teens are not happy with the way they look, and while they scroll through Instagram and see re-touched and edited photos of beautiful people, their self-esteem is only getting worse. With filters and photo editing apps, it easier than ever to edit pictures and make them look perfect, or the way you want them too. 

As a younger population grows up seeing photo shopped images of men and women being praised for attention, how are they supposed to meet the standards? When the pictures of those people aren't event exactly what they look like in real life. This puts pressure on young men and women making them want to engage early on in life in things that they believe will make them worthy of the social media fame most people seem to crave.
Social Media is bad for Mental Health Social Media is bad for Mental Health Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 26, 2017 Rating: 5

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