Linux has been great since long time

I've been using Linux for my desktop machine since... I think 2011 already, and though I've sometimes have had driver trouble with specific hardware (Wi-Fi and gfx cards mainly), IIRC Linux always has been this great.

In many cases where I'd needed driver disks in windows, Linux just works straight out of the box. I've experienced problems every now and then but those were mostly caused by me messing around.

I remember starting with a dual install thinking that that way I could still go to windows when needed, while I could experiment with Linux. I remember going back to Linux only once in 3 months, and 6 months later tossing the windows partition completely since I needed the space..

I've installed Linux on desktops of common people, elderly people, and the only issue I faced at one point (at least as far as I can recall right now) is problems with them becoming old and no longer receiving updates, and games support.

The only real problems I still face today are graphics cards drivers, games, and sometimes shitty distros like kubuntu (it was really shitty for a good while, though I think the latest versions have been reasonably okay again, I'd have to test them)

If game makers start supporting Linux completely, and open source gfx cards would improve considerably, then I'd say Linux would be perfect! Maybe the audio stack could use some minor improvements, but beyond that, I wouldn't know what could be better still.
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