Let's talk about Commitment

The most important commitments we make in life are the commitments we make to ourselves. Yet, we as humans have a hard time keeping those commitments, let alone commitments we make with others. Just take a look at history and all the broken commitments that have been made in government! Really, how many times does someone have to break a promise to us before you stop believing in them or stop trusting their word?

Nonetheless, humans go on making commitments and breaking them. However, as we break our commitments we become fractured in our thinking and speaking which causes our actions to be out of sync. Therefore, as we become fractured in our thinking, we are no longer able to live life from a powerful place because of our lack of integrity.

In short, we lose integrity with ourselves and others. You see, as we continue to break our commitments to ourselves and/or others our integrity begins to come into question. Hence we stop believing in the possibilities that were created in those initial commitments.

Since beginning I have always wanted to understand the human condition and the motivation behind why we do the things that harm or block our growth. Here are a few questions to think about.
  • Why is it that we find ourselves breaking our commitments?
  • Why would you want to live your life from a less than powerful place?
  • Why wouldn't we want to live a life that we loved instead a life filled with difficulties?
Once we are able to recognize what is blocking us, we will then be able to work on transforming that experience into a new possibility. It is in creating and sharing this new possibility for ourselves that we allow others to do the same. This is also how I have come to experience being in service to others; by sharing our process and learning with others we can help others grow and grow our self. We are all interconnected and therefore through relating to others we grow.

Furthermore, when we share a new possibility with others and engage them in our experience they too can also become enlivened by how powerfully we are moving through life. Wow- wouldn't that be great to be able to inspire others to live the life that they love?

So...I now ask you to contemplate for your "Self" the following:

Where in your life are you blocked?

How has your character that you have been playing episode after episode impacted your life?

What commitment is getting in your way of living the life that you love (the ideal that you are committed to)?
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