An Insignificant Man releasing Nov 17

At the heart of An Insignificant Man is the most polarizing man in India today – Arvind Kejriwal. The film follows Kejriwal and his Common Man’s Party – an insurgent new political party, as they wield basic public issues like water, electricity, and graft against the country’s oldest and most powerful two political establishments.

It gives an insider’s view into Kejriwal’s brand of politics, which has split popular opinion into two prominent factions. One labels it selfish and anarchic, while the other insists on seeing it as a major shift in the Indian political paradigm.

The biggest impact of Arvind's entry into politics is that politicians are no longer some divine Sarkaar. He has provided a hope that any man can bring about a change if he is determined.

The movie was earlier titled "Proposition for a Revolution". It was supposed to be about how people's movement build and grow. Now they have seemed to turned it into a biopic which seems to be projecting Arvind Kejriwal as a hero.

Also the Censor board had asked the makers (Anand Gandhi, Vinay Shukla and Khushbu Ranka) to get a NOC from the CM of Delhi and PM of India last year. The makers had refused to heed to these political parties (both AAP & BJP) and the release was stalled, Vice pulled their weight and hence this film is going to see the light of day on 17th of November!

Watch the trailer:-

An Insignificant Man releasing Nov 17 An Insignificant Man releasing Nov 17 Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 26, 2017 Rating: 5

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