According to Wikipedia, the Coriolis Force can potentially point up, left, right, or down. But logic, digital modeling and experimenting with a pen and a ball prove this is false. 

The Coriolis force only pushes one way: approximately opposite the direction of Earth's spin. Immediately it is obvious why this, even coupled with the pressure gradient force, is insufficient to push air in a complete circle. In fact, it only pushes air one half of the way around, while the rest of the air is pushed in precisely the wrong direction as illustrated with this diagram here:

Wikipedia says the red arrows are the Coriolis force, "always perpendicular to the velocity." But this is wrong ... the Coriolis force is always in the opposite direction of Earth's spin, it's independent of the velocity of whatever object it's acting on ... How in the world could the Coriolis force adjust it's own direction to account for the velocity of something it's acting on (like wind)?

Inspired by this article: