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Apple fails to understand its Audience yet again

Apple taking the innovations from 2-4 years ago, polishing and refining them, and then claiming that they're re-inventing the wheel.

The iPhone X looks like a decent phone, but AMOLED, water resistance, and wireless charging have been available to Samsung devices for three and a half years. AMOLED screens have been available on plenty of phones (including Samsung Galaxies since 2010) for the better part of a decade.

I have no qualms with iOS or the iPhone itself, my problems rest with the marketing and superiority complex that a number of iPhone users I know have. A coworker insists that "Androids are too slow" and bashes them with every chance she gets, not accepting any counters to her baseless accusations of them being less than all iPhones.

The iPhone may have pioneered the smart phone as we know it today, is still a respectable competitor in the market; but they're not automatically the best phones and definitely not perfect.

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