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Life Lesson #1

Nobody is there looking out for you all the time, the world is full of evil fucked up people, that don't care about how old or young you might be, will take advantage of you in any way they can on the first chance they get.
People don't care about hard work- they care about results and winning.

Proud of you for making mostly As, as you have your entire school career. But that one B you tried so hard to make an A? "Why didn't you work harder?" Or work really hard and get the A? "Whatever we knew it was gonna be an A."

You work your ass off in tee ball? But you lost so you suck.

You can give all the damn trophies you want, the world doesn't freaking care how long you stayed at it or improved- you need to win.

5 year old me never really tried to hard at things I didn't care about after that. If you can't be #1, why even try at all? No ole cares unless you win.

I'm recovering from this but it made me an annoying when I was a kid.

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