If Humans are Intelligent, Why are we so Stupid ?

Macro & Micro Economics - Manfred Max Neef

"This current economic crisis provides an opportunity to re-examine our priorities. For decades, scientists and environmentalists have been alarmed at global environmental degradation. Today, the oceans are depleted of fish while “dead zones”, immense islands of plastic, and acidification from dissolving carbon dioxide are having untold effects. We have altered the chemistry of the atmosphere with our emissions, causing the planet to heat up, and have cleared land of forests, along with hundreds of thousands of species. Using air, water, and soil as dumps for our industrial wastes, we have poisoned ourselves." -Suzuki

We understand that current economic strategies no longer provide a coherent framework. To achieve sustainable development is to be creative with solutions, and to be more understanding of what an economy is. Current practices are not complementary to the environment. I cannot put it more simply because it is a simple concept: Economies rely on the environment. Do other people understand that? We must have a level of governing for these systems on a global scale... No one country owns air or water (welcome to Earth Systems 101). Why do people resist or ignore this awareness? Why are people unphased by disastrous predictions? Are humans in denial? or accustomed to procrastination? Do we not recognise that our behaviour holds a global responsibility? Why do we waste time that we do not have blaming and pointing? Shoveling money at temporary solutions to keep certain companies afloat that face inevitable failure? There must be economic, social and environmental balance. I want to know we have a plan for recovery.

Where's the discussion for love on a political level? Obviously we must show compassion to offer any help to any person? Without love for the people how can there be respect for the people? If we don't respect people how could one have a conscience while making decisions on their behalf? Manfred Max Neef was the first in a position of political authority that I heard say: "I say life, not human beings...".

  • The economy is to serve the people, not the people to serve the economy.
  • Development is about people and not about objects. 
  • Growth is not the same as development, and development does not necessarily require growth. 
  • No economy is possible in the absence of ecosystem services. 
  • The economy is a subsystem of a larger, finite system: The biosphere. Hence permanent growth is impossible.

Life matters, it has to, not yours or mine necessarily, but who are we as humans to decide the fate of all life? I understand that evolution has to do with our behaving this way, but we can go beyond our instincts now. Why do we not? Do our morals only apply to our species?

Laugh in my face, call me hippy. I care and I do not dare flatter myself thinking that I'm the only one, of 7 billion people overcrowding this planet i know I'm not the only one. I don't want to walk around oblivious to bee's acting moronically with confusion. I'll spend the extra rupee on organic, locally grown food because it is BETTER, I don't know if the "better" directly relates to my health but it's better for more reasons than me. And that matters. Why do some countries keep proper labels off products? Why do people allow that? Why not take responsibility for your own health?

We're involved deeply in a dangerous experiment, and whether you know it or actively choose not to, we pay dearly for this irresponsibility.

Worth-through-consumption may be human but it is no longer moral. We have diluted our existence with the environment to an existence among the environment. We remove ourselves from the responsibility to care and maintain for all other life which allows governments to fulfill the power agenda. 

If we're happily consuming we're unfocused and attempting to fulfill something we don't understand. If Manfred can fearlessly /easily break down this compound of issues that we spend loads of money on to complicate, then why is no one paying any attention? Where is the due publicity? We have answers, not to everything, but we have a lot more to gain from what we do know, than we think we do. 

Manfred has won awards for answers and teaches in universities, he is a council member of the World Future Council. He is an author and lectures around the world. Who has heard of him? He is known for elaborations of practicing economics as if people matter. Why ignore efforts to help us? What are we doing? 

Why are we so stupid ?
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