Humanity falls into a new Dark Age

The year is 2050. 

Driven by the improving addiction protocols of freemium games, as well as bio-integration of smart phones leading to playing these games literally injecting dopamine into our reward circuits, mankind has fallen into a sharp divide. The growing masses of freemium players, driven to desperate ends to feed their addiction, loot and pillage whatever they can, to pawn off for a quick buck. The mobile gaming market leaders become the new overlords of humanity, living in incomparable opulence; they drive their addicted followers into conflict with other game developers for sport and contest.

In all of this, only two groups stand against the Fall, in the most unlikely of alliances. The "hardcore" gamers, who's elitism, complaining about softcore games, opposition to the idea of paying more money for fun, and their wanting to keep their high-end gaming rigs relevant, have shielded them from the encroaching addiction of freemium games. And the tech-luddites, who's vehement opposition to anything that does not look like their childhood, and hatred of anything resembling technological progress, has done the same. Together, these two groups will form a wacky nerd-old person team whose comedic interactions belie the importance of their conflict.

Of course, because everyone who grew up before mobile games is now like 70 years old, and all the gamers, whose anti-mobile gaming stance prevented them from joining the wave of having-to-go-outside-games, and has left them too sedentary to be effective guerrilla fighters, this last bastion fades.

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