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Forking Internet to suit our Modern Requirements

I've been pondering on this for a little while. So many of the protocols we created that are the base of the internet were just not designed for the needs of today. Security wasn't a thing. Privacy wasn't a concern. 

Anonymity was a bonus not a feature. Email didn't have to worry about spam. DNS didn't need to be secure. Incessant unsolicited advertisements and tracking were not foreseen. Even the dynamic web wasn't part of the original ideas.

In short, so much has changed and yet we are dealing with protocols that function but don't assist in these deeper areas of modern concern. We need to build user control right into the protocols. And we need to bake security and privacy in.

I've thought about this a lot and the real issue isn't coming up with new protocols and new standards. The issue is the transition(s) and not letting special interests curtail the effort with legal action.

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