The Worse she could do is say ''No''

Often times you'll be given the advice "The worst [she] could do is say no," now this is bad advice. All dating advice is bad advice, because dating is the most subjective and situational aspect of life. Where am I going with this?

Well, I don't know if some people just never had strong emotional feelings or just rarely get rejected, but people don't understand that it isn't about the response at all. There's no difference to me if they say "sorry, your not my type" or "bug off loser." It's the fact that I spent so much time and immeasurable stress building up a shred of confidence to tell someone they mean the world to me and they couldn't give less of a shit. I have to deal with their perception of me forever changed, and you just can't talk to each other normally after that, every thought, every exchange is augmented by the knowledge that you're in love with them. Things will never be the way they were before and the best you can do is pretend it never happened. Suddenly what you thought might be a bright moment for your life may be the catalyst to the end of a friendship. It's much more than them just saying "no," in fact the word itself is almost irrelevant.

So the worst isn't a rejection, the worst is much more horrible than that.
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